Many of us are looking for ways to save a few bucks with “do-it-yourself” projects. In some instances this is totally fine. However, when it comes to Skin Care the words “cheap” and “DIY” aren’t necessarily a good thing.

The quality and stability of skin care products are very important. For instance, you may see a masque or a cleanser (etc) that might have fruit enzymes such as Papaya, Pumpkin, or Pineapple. Those extracts have specifically been formulated for use on the skin and have been stability tested to be sure that they will be constantly effective and stable for your skin’s safety. This ensures that you will get the same activity level and response each time.

As many of you may know, certain fruits and veggies that contain acids can be delicious as a source of food. But when it comes to your skin these ingredients are not so great when used straight from the table or fridge. Have you ever eaten the same kind of fruit or vegetable and one time it was really sweet, or spicy, or tangy (etc) then the next time it wasn’t quite the same? You don’t know this until you taste it. Acids, even if from natural sources, can burn your skin and can cause serious damage. Only trust products that are formulated for the skin from a professional skin care line.

The same goes for facial and body scrubs. Raw sugars, table salt, table sugar, brown sugar, oatmeal, corn meal (etc) are not tested for the skin’s use. These items can scratch, scrape and severely irritate the skin due to sharp edges. A true, well-trusted professional skin care line with a facial exfoliator will be specifically formulated and shaped to be effective without scraping the skin.

When it comes to items such as eggs, pure shea butter, avocado, mayo, honey and yogurt the same principals apply. You need to be concerned with the issues of efficacy and stability. So I leave you with this information in hopes that you will save your skin and your money for the professional, safe, and reputable skin care products.

The unknown outcome of  “Home Made” products are not worth the potential harmful outcome. If you want to significantly improve your skin, seek out a professional and licensed Esthetician or Dermatologist and they can best prescribe the proper treatment and at home care regimen for your specific skin needs.