For years I tried many skin care brands ranging from drug store to high-end expensive brands, to try and find something for my sensitive and break out prone skin. I have tried so many brands and found that no matter what I used (even brands specifically for sensitive skin) my skin still had a negative reaction to each product.

During my time in Esthetics school one of the girls in my class recommended the Eminence Organic Skin Care brand to me and gave me some samples to try. I was immediately hooked!

Many lines contain harsh chemicals that cause your skin to react negatively due to the fact that it does not recognize those ingredients and therefore causes breakouts and irritation as a way to purge out the bad stuff.  So….. since Eminence doesn’t use these harsh chemicals but rather uses ingredients from organic and biodynamic farming, my skin took to the products extremely well.

These  products smell great and have so many types of products to suit a variety of skin care needs and issues. I could not be happier with this line and the results I have seen in my skin!